Reviewing merge request #1: Message Style and Variable Length Buffer

We send a message that includes a fixed width buffer (the default being 1024 bytes) regardless of whether we need it. So in the case of server response indicating an error, which should be at most a 4 byte int, we push an extra MB through the socket. In a similar way we have to send more than one message if we need to send more than one message.

The message struct is typedefed with a '_t' postfix unlike any of the other structs.

Commits that would be merged:

Version 1
  • Version 1
  • d4636a8
  • 0d96132
  • Fix line endings in message.h

  • 7a02af2
  • Fix the style of the message struct

  • 53da33a
  • Make the massage buffer variable length

Showing d4636a8-0d96132


Pushed new version 1

→ State changed from Open to Closed

This won’t fix the problem (and in fact won’t even compile)…

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