Reviewing merge request #2: Patch1: Automatic dependency tracking and small bug fix

Patch1: Automatic dependency tracking and small bug fix.

Bug fix:

First line in the do-while loop in server.c:handle_client should be:

length = recv(client_socket, &recv_message, sizeof(message_t), 0);

instead of

length = recv(client_socket, recv_message.message, DEFAULT_MESSAGE_BUFFER_SIZE, 0);

Commits that would be merged:

Version 1
  • Version 1
  • d4636a8
  • a21abfc
  • Small fix to sending message size in server.c

  • 9ed4716
  • True fix to the server receiving message problem

  • 3aae395
  • Updated the make file to do automatic dependency handling

  • 13bbcd7
  • Made comments clearer in make file

Showing d4636a8-a21abfc


Pushed new version 1

Small change: I don’t think that utils.o is required as a explicit dependency anymore in the dependencies of client.

Looks good.

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